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Who is Shelly Burrows and what’s her styling experience?

Shelly is an infectious. energetic, motivated and ambitious person. She and her husband Peter have been blessed with amazing twin girls, Chey and Mischa. “Her life philosophy is to get successful people around you… you do not know everything so utilise the knowledge and talent that surrounds you”

In 1980 Shelly Burrows began her passion for all things fashion, working at a well known established retail chain and soon this established that she would pursue and grow her skills within the industry. Within 2 years Shelly had acquired her first fashion boutique Bondi Junction called “House Of Artemis” cementing her love of becoming a stylist.

Expanding her knowledge in (whilst pregnant with her girls) the fashion and beauty industry Shelly acquired a diploma in beauty. Back at work full time, she began a wholesale role with Titbitz Accessories that lead to dealing with major stores such as Portmans, Sportsgirl, General Pants, Myer and David Jones. As national retail manager she was responsible for 100 staff, growing her skills in merchandising, store layouts and staff training.

Shelly has also worked with Brian Rochford, as a sales representative for NSW. Calvin Klein and Davenport as their state manager selling to major outlets and running workshops for department store staff.

Shelly was then approached by an accessory company based in New Zealand as a CEO to purchase and this saw Shelly travel to London and America to source accessories and also India to develop colours and prints.

Shelly saw a lifestyle store for sale in her suburb of Leichhardt and for 10 years this very successful store “meshea lifestyle” was the go to store in the inner west. 2011 and now living in the Southern Highlands Shelly decided it was time to hand over the reigns to someone else. Whilst owning meshea, Shelly continued as a fashion agent and for the past nine years she has been the NSW agent for the wonderful Vigorella lifestyle brand.

We also have two stores, Layering with Style: the store located at 364 Bong Bong Street Bowral, New South Wales. You can visit our store and see what our style mantra is and no doubt take home the first piece (or outfit) for the new STYLED you.

Our Layering with Style workshops will be held at our store in Bowral and will be a wonderful experience for everyone who attends.

“Many customers ask me how to layer and help them style themselves, From this Layering With Style has been birthed” – Shelly Burrows.

“Core Values”

I am all about teaching and empowering women, we get to an age where we don’t know what or how to look or dress…

I have a very relaxed and casual lifestyle, layering works for me and I know many women that are looking for this style.

“Fashion isn’t what you buy, style is what you do with it”

So lets get this right…

from the beginning this workshop is about being empowered with yourself. Its about learning some tips. It’s about STOP spending and wasting both time and money on buying (fast) fashion.


a classic uniform that works for you and your lifestyle. What I saw when I was in France was not just beautiful women on the outside.But classic with – strong sense of self which the French are so good at.

I have been working with Shelly for the past 7 or 8 years – since she started as the NSW agent for Vigorella.  Over that time I have always found Shelly to be someone who runs her business with honesty, integrity and fantastic energy.  She believes absolutely  in the products she sells and backs them 100%.  Her enthusiasm and dedication are quite contagious and she is an absolute wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of retail and wholesale, being a small business owner as well as a wholesale agent.  This gives her a unique and very insightful perspective on so many aspects of the fashion industry.   She is also amazingly generous in sharing this knowledge and wisdom which is so refreshing and heart warming.  

Personally, Shelly is honest, direct, caring and a beautifully stylish individual – she doesn’t  follow fashion – she leads it!  Her passion for her business and for helping and supporting other women is obvious in everything she does and she works tirelessly to keep improving all the time.

If you are considering working or collaborating with Shelly in any capacity, you will not be disappointed.  

Kathy, Small business owner

I own a little boutique in Canberra – Holli Grove. I have been working with Shelly for five years, every year shelly runs a styling evening in my store. The knowledge and styling flair that Shelly brings to my customer is invaluable, I usually have twenty or more ladies attending and those ladies always leave with a full Holli Grove bag, confidence and some fantastic new ideas to brighten up not only their wardrobe but also their lives. As for me the boutique owner these styling evenings create great sales on the night and for weeks after, and I also walk away with more great skills! 

Emma, Small business owner

I engaged Shelley’s service as a stylist and personal shopper at a time when I was making a big career transition, and really lacked the confidence to put together a wardrobe suitable for my new role.

 Shelley was amazing! She turned up with some options to consider before we even stepped into the stores. She took the time to understand what I needed, as well as what I thought I wanted, and used this information to carefully select labels and styles that would complement my body shape, and be practical for my new job. She worked from the bottom up – with flattering lingerie, enduring ‘basics’, right through to stylish jewellery and shoes. Shelley also included a consultation with a hair stylist in my appointment, so not only did I get a new wardrobe, but a new look.

Shelley’s advice and encouragement helped me start my new job feeling more  confident, stylish and energised than I thought a simple wardrobe change could. The pieces she selected for me have become staple items, and I find myself re-purchasing those brands over and over. I also feel more confident to experiment with different labels and styles than I did before. I highly recommend Shelley’s services. Her experience and knowledge have been invaluable.  

Corinne, Captain Australian Army

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